Registration / Membership

Please contact the OCA for a registration form.  Registration forms are not available online.  Membership runs concurrent with the school year.

The OCA accepts check, cash or purchase orders. In order to process membership, we require registration form(s) and payment.   

Fee Schedule

Active / Inactive / Associate Members:

Pre-Registration: $55.00 - End of school year through June 15th

Clinic Registration: $65.00 – OCA Clinic Week through August 31st

Late Registration: $75.00 – September 1 through end of the school year.

Retired Members:

Pre-Registration: $30.00 – Begins at end of school year through June 15th

Clinic registration: $35.00 – OCA Clinic Week through August 31st

Late registration: $40.00 – September 1st through the end of the school year.

A Retired coach must be drawing Teachers Retirement and be a continuous member of the OCA.  Membership must be maintained annually in order to secure your retired status.  Failure to do so will place you into the Associate category.  Associate Membership retains the same benefits but pays the regular fee schedule. 

Replacement Passes

Replacement passes are $5.00 per card. 

Please indicate the name needed on the card and send payment to the OCA; 8080 Crystal Park Drive, OKC, OK  73139. 

Passes will be re-issued as soon as possible.  You may also stop by the office and passes will be re-issued immediately.  The OCA will not replace passes unless payment is received.