All State Athlete Policy

On and off the field, the All State athlete will be under the supervision of the Oklahoma Coaches Association, and that for any infringement of the training rules or disciplinary matters, will be dismissed from the squad.

The All State athlete is not to receive any money and his/her college eligibility will not be affected in any way.

Athletes will furnish their own practice equipment and the OCA will provide the game suit.

Athletes will participate in one and only one OCA sanctioned All State activity. (Softball and Soccer not OCA sanctioned.)

The award(s) presented to the participants in the All State games are dependent on the eligible participant accepting the invitation to participate and abiding by the rules and policies of the Oklahoma Coaches Association. Each athlete will receive an All State ring award only if they participate in his/her sporting event. If injury, illness or any other extenuating circumstances occurs prior to reporting and prohibits the athlete from participating in the game, the ring and all privileges will be forfeited.

Any involvement with illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco will be grounds for suspension from the team and forfeiture of all privileges and awards.

All hair is to be neat and clean and must be kept out of the eyes. It is recommended that all young men be clean-shaven; however, if beards and mustaches are necessary, they must be neatly trimmed. Those not willing to comply will be replaced.

The Oklahoma Coaches Association will pay the athlete’s expenses, i.e. room & board. All State athletes must stay in the housing provided by the Oklahoma Coaches Association. There will be no exceptions. No one will be allowed to stay in the dorm and eat in the dining hall except All State athletes, All State Counselors, and those authorized by the Oklahoma Coaches Association Board of Directors.

All athletes must get a new physical for All State. (Physicals from the previous school year will not be accepted.) All athletes received a physical form in the packet mailed to the coach. You will not be allowed to practice or participate in any activities until you meet this requirement. Players must report injury-free and ready to practice. Failure to remit a physical or failure to pass the physical will prevent the athlete from participating in any All State practice or game.
Excess medical insurance will be furnished by the Oklahoma Coaches Association for the All State athletes to provide them with protection during practice times as well as the All State games.

In case of injury, the athlete must be cleared through the Oklahoma Coaches Association’s physician before he/she is turned over to an outside physician.

The Oklahoma Coaches Association will provide a team physician for the All State athletes as well as an athletic trainer for each All State team. The OCA also furnishes insurance for hospitalization and doctors. All injuries are to be referred to a team physician or trainer. If an athlete or parent (or college coach) chooses to go a physician other than the team physician, they must secure permission from the Association before the athlete leaves the site of the coaching school. No responsibility is assumed by the OCA for specialists or special treatment unless authorized and recommended by the team physician.

All State athletes will report at the designated time on the reporting date. Failure to report on time will make the athlete subject to replacement. (Reporting times will be mailed to the athlete at a later date.)

Any athlete suspended from his/her squad, team, or school is not eligible to play in any All State game.

Any athlete or who did not graduate or receive a diploma from his/her respective high school is not eligible to play in any All State game.

Any athlete who was not eligible under the rules of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association as of his/her Oklahoma high school teams last game is not eligible to play in any All State game.

Any felony conviction will render any individual ineligible to participate in any All State game, or be accorded any All State recognition by the Oklahoma Coaches Association.

The failure of an All State athlete to comply with the code of his/her agreement with the Oklahoma Coaches Association will be construed as a violation and the athlete will be subject to disciplinary action by the executive officers (President, Vice President and Executive Director). Such action will be as follows:
• Immediate suspension of all activities.
• Forfeiture of all privileges, expenses, meals, awards and other related benefits.
• Immediate notification to his/her parents and coach with reasons given.
• A bus ticket will be provided for an immediate trip home.
• A prepared press release shall be given.