Please contact the OCA office or your region representative for scholarship forms.   

A Coach (OCA member) must nominate their athlete at their respective region meeting.  Scholarship nominees from each region will be voted on and chosen at the region meetings.  The Scholar Athlete and Bob R. Williams Scholarships are chosen at the February region meetings.  The Athletes of the Year Scholarships are chosen at the April region meetings.  Injured Athlete Scholarships are submitted to the OCA office and are chosen by the OCA Board of Directors.  

In the event that an acceptable applicant does not apply for the scholarship during a given year, the scholarship money will be retained in the treasury of the association and no scholarship will be awarded for that particular year. In the event that the financial condition of the association makes this scholarship infeasible, it can be discontinued until the financial condition of the association makes it feasible. 

Any problems that may arise as to the administration of these scholarships will be under the jurisdiction of the board of control of the Oklahoma Coaches Association.   


The Oklahoma Coaches Association shall award this scholarship to (8) eight (one per region) senior athletes. The selection shall be based on the student over coming obstacles, disabilities or injury in order to participate in high school athletics. Each of these eight winners will be awarded the sum of $1000.00. 

SCHOLAR ATHLETE SCHOLARSHIP - Male and Female ($500.00):

The Oklahoma Coaches Association shall award (16) sixteen scholarships annually to senior students who have participated on the varsity level and have excelled academically. These awards for the amount of $500.00 each will be given each year to (1) one male and (1) one female in each region.


The Oklahoma Coaches Association shall award (1) one male and (1) one female scholarship in each region. The scholarships will be in the amount of $500.00 each and shall be awarded to senior students who have excelled athletically, scholastically, and morally and have exhibited all the desirable traits of citizenship. 

The Male Athlete of the Year and the Female Athlete of the Year will be selected from the recipients of the Regional Athlete of the Year awards.  The selection will take place at the May OCA Board Meeting.  Each will receive a plaque designating them as “Athlete of the Year”.  


The Oklahoma Coaches Association shall sponsor an annual one-year scholarship to a graduating high school senior athlete, who because of an athletic injury, or sickness, will be unable to attend college on an athletic scholarship. The designed purpose of this scholarship is to help athletes who prior to an athletic injury, or sickness, had the potential of attending college on an athletic grant. If this student has become incapacitated during his, or her high school participation, this scholarship will give an opportunity to attend college his or her freshman year. 

The scholarship will be awarded on a one-year basis. The scholarship will pay $1000.00. There will be a maximum of six (6) scholarships awarded, based on qualified applications.  

The money may be used for enrollment fees, books, tuition, or may be applied to the student’s room and board. No cash will be awarded to the student. 

The scholarship will be based on these qualifications: 

Scholarship, leadership, citizenship, athletic potential before injury, morals, interest in athletics, desire for education, and need (not destitution).

Coaches who wish to submit an application should call the OCA office to receive the necessary form. A letter of recommendation from the coach and high school principal must accompany the application. The application shall be received no later than March 1, of the student’s senior year. This application must be sent to the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Coaches Association and shall be accompanied by a statement as to the nature and extent of the injury from the student's family doctor. 

The Board of Directors, during their spring meeting, will make the final decision as to the recipient (s) of the scholarship.